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Independent school

Independent School
  • There are around 2,300 schools in UK that are independent of local or central government control. Most of them have a board of governors, responsible for the overall direction of the school. Independent Schools include day and boarding taking students under single-sex or coeducational.
  • Academic: Independent Schools have long excelled in providing children's success in life as well as high academic qualifications. Independent School candidates achieve, on average, 350 UCAS points at A level.
  • Small Classes & Individual Care: Classes in many independent schools are smaller than other types of school, usually from 8 to 13 a small group. Students are monitored and guided closely. Their mistakes and learning difficulties are recognised and put right.
  • Traditional Values: Heads and staff at independent schools encourage children to work hard and to take a pride in their work; to pay attention to detail; to have good manners; to consider other people's feelings and to grow up into responsible adults who will contribute to the community.
  • Broad-based Education: Independent Schools aim to develop children's whole personality, the imaginative, practical and physical as well as the academic. Music, art, sports and drama also flourish.
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Girls School  -  Boys School  -  Co-ed School

Girls School  -  Boys School  -  Co-ed School

Girls School  -  Boys School  -  Co-ed School

International Study Centre

International Study Centre
  • Small Class teaching in a group of 4 to 6 students.
  • Very intensive programme with plenty of extra Englilsh tuitions.
  • Pre-GCSE, GCSE, IGCSE, Year 11 class are offered to suit appropriate students.
  • An excellent stepping stone to enter A-Levels class of the Main School or other Main Stream School.
  • Students study in Boarding School campus, though in different classrooms with International students.
  • Integrated with local students during Games, Activities and Outings, etc.

Further Education College

Further Education College
  • Formed under British Association of State Colleges in English Language Teaching (BASCELT)
  • Financed by the state or local education authority. Inspected and recognised by state authorities.
  • Suitable for students whose age is 16 or above.
  • Offer pre-GCSE, A-Levels, IB, International Foundation, Foundation Degree and BTEC Diploma courses.
  • Provide free English Support.
  • Entry requirements: School Reports, IELTS, English Tests, Interview.
  • On enrolment, students will be tested and placed in class of students at similar level.
  • Students can stay at Homestay or Hall of Residence.
  • Fees for Overseas Students - Tuition : approx. GBP6,000 per year ; Accommodation : approx. GBP4,000 per year.
Bournemouth & Poole College
Boston College
Brockenhurst College
Canterbury College
Cardiff College
Castle College
Chichester College
City College of Bath
City College of Plymouth
Doncaster College
Dudley College
Exeter College
Gloucestershire College
Grantham College
Grimbsy College
Highbury College
Itchen College
John Leggott College
Leeds College of Music
Llandrillo College
Loughborough College
Manchester College
Newcastle College
Park Lane College
Scarborough College
Solihull College
Stevenson College
Strode College
Sussex Downs College
Thanet College
Worthing College
Yeovil College
York College

International / Tutorial / Sixth Form Colleges

International / Tutorial / Sixth Form Colleges
  • Suitable for students looking for an Independent (Private) tutorial college.
  • Offer specialised tuition to the 14-19 age range.
  • Provide a very broad group of subjects.
  • Very small classes to ensure that students get individual attention.
  • Most colleges offer 1-2 year GCSE, 2 year A-Levels, A-Level re-sit, IB, pre-IB, International Foundation, Extended Foundation, Foundation Degree and English IELTS courses are tailor-made to suit appropriate students.
  • Campus concentrated in cities with Day or Boarding facilities
  • Homestay or Halls of Residence Accommodation

Summer Courses

Summer Courses
  • Suitable for age range 9 to 16 years old.
  • Courses usually start in July and August with duration from 2 to 8 weeks.
  • Tailor-made courses for students prepare for A-Levels or GCSE programmes.
  • Provide subjects like English, Maths or Science together line with Activities and Outings as well as Learning Research Skills.
  • Allocate classes according to age and level
  • Class size from 6 to 15 students per group.
  • Full Boarding Life with close attention and 24 hours care.
Bede's School
Bedford School Study Centre
Concord College
Dulwich College
Eastbourne Summer School
Etherton Education
International College, Sherborne
King's Ely School International Study Centre
Moira House School
Padworth College
Rossall School International Study Centre
Sidmouth International School
Taunton International Study Centre
Stafford House School of English
(Organizing English Summer Programmes, can choose different Campus)

International Foundation Programme

International Foundation Programme
  • A pathway leading to UK University.
  • Normally a one-year course.
  • Entry requirements : Form 5, Form 6 or Form 7, School Reports, IELTS 4.5-5.5 points and Interview.
  • A broad variety of courses which include Business Mangement, Accounting, Finance, Law, Engineering, Science, Bio-Chem, Tourism & Hotel Management, Information Technology, Psychology, Media, Caring, Nutrition, Civil Aviation, Design, Music.
  • Some courses can lead to UK University's Pharmacy, Actuarial, Architecture, Veterinarian or Dental programme.
  • Associated UK University will accept Students' internal school modules which include attendance, course works, tests and exams.
  • Over 100 UK Institutes are offering International Foundation Programmes: UK Universities, International / Tutorial / Sixth Form Colleges, Further Education Colleges.