UK Map & Weather

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Spring (March to May)

Normally around 6 °C to 12 °C.
Spring is a lovely time of year in England. Days are becoming longer and brighter. Spring weather is often a mix of sunshine and showers, with beautiful stacks of cloud driven by strong winds. It is a great time to be outside, but don't forget that umbrella!

Summer (June to August)

Normally around 15 °C to 20 °C.
Although summer is the warmest season in England, on average temperatures rarely exceed 22 °C. It's a good time for outdoors walks and wonderful days spent in the park. Just make sure you have an umbrella or a light rain jacket handy.

Autumn (September to November)

Normally around 7 °C to 14 °C.
Probably a very favourite time of the year. You can still expect lovely warm, sunny days, but mists will hang over the fields in the morning and later. Gradually, it will get darker, cooler and it will rain more often. Winds are getting stronger as well.

Winter (December to February)

Normally around 5 °C.
Winter is invariably cold, dark and damp. If you live in the north, you may get a little snow to brighten things up for a few days. Snow rarely stays for long in England. If wind comes from the east, it gets very cold and if wind is from the south & west, it tends to get wet.

How much does it rain?

Most people in England own an umbrella - indicating that rain is very common. But how wet you will get depends very much on where in England you are.
The Lake District is the wettest part of England with more than 2000 mm of rain a year, while south-eastern England, including London and East Anglia barely manage to reach 700 mm of rain a year.