E & L  Services

  1. Analyse students' school reports as well as to discuss with parents and students on their needs.
  2. Assist parents and students choosing suitable schools and make applications.
    • Application Procedure
        (A) Analyse students' School Reports, Personal Profile, Awards and Certificates etc.
        (B) Prepare School List tailor-made for individual students
        (C) Send out enquiry of application to suitable schools
        (D) Arrange students to do Registration for entrance examinations
    • Entrance Requirements
        (A) School Entrance examinations to be taken place in our office or in British Council HK
        (B) Skype or Telephone Interview, if required.
        (C) International English Language Test (IELTS) for adult students
  3. Arrange parents and students meet with School Representatives who come to HK.
  4. Provide Invigilation Services on school entrance exams.
  5. Hold UK Education Seminar and Presentation.
  6. Assist the process of applying Student Visa.
  7. Provide Guardianship Companies' Services information.
    • Click here to download our list of guardianship companies in UK.
  8. Assist with B&Bs/Guesthouses information for parents' accommodation ; co-ordination of Airport pick up for students.